Which culture is best?

" Are some cultures better than others? Or are all cultures and their values equal? "

In my classes you will often hear me say:
"West is the best... because I've tried the rest!"

That's a provocative statement, and it's meant to be. It's meant to get you thinking. "What is he talking about?". "Is he serious?". "Can one culture be 'better' than others?" "Isn't that a racist idea?".

The answer to the last is, no, not at all. Don't confuse ethnicity with culture. Culture is the ideas that bind us together, not the colour of our skin.

In this short video the bestselling author Dinesh D'Souza, explains the fraud of multiculturalism.

"We write symphonies. We pursue innovation… We treasure the rule of law and protect the right to free speech and free expression… We empower women as pillars of our society and of our success… That is who we are… Those are the priceless ties that bind us together… as a civilization."
- U.S. President Donald Trump, Warsaw, Poland, 2017.