Cracking the genius code

Do you want to be a genius? Do you have the time?

Getting there is where the fun really lays.

We are all born with varying skills and abilities.

The good news is that, all of us being human, we share those skills and abilities, and can develop them to a large degree through training and practice.

Developing artistic talent in 3 steps

In any population a particular skill will be distributed as shown in the standard "bell curve".

Artistic Talent is not just one thing, it's a network of skills including line, texture, form, colour, tone, composition. All of these skills are learnable. I include all of them under "Method".

  1. Method: an efficient process which involves artistic skill sets
  2. Technique: how you handle your equipment, based on coordination
  3. Repertoire: your body of work

In each session at Inglis Academy we develop your method and technique by adding to your repertoire.

If you keep adding to the repertoire, who knows, you might be an artistic genius too! But not everybody has the time to develop into a genius and that's OK.

Taking any number of steps along that path is an immensely satisfying life experience!