The Inglis Painting Process

We use the same overall process for all of our paintings. That is part of the the genius of the Inglis Art system.

Think about it! The same process works for:

  • Any subject - landscape, portrait, still life
  • Any style - Baroque, Classical, Impressionist, Pop Art

Of course each painting has different blends of colour mixing, brush technique, compositional and tonal analysis and much more. That is why I have created this Art Syllabus, to give you a balanced path to mastery.

You will finish a painting in the lesson and learn the processes and techniques used by the masters of Western Art.

The processes are documented in my publications,start with the latest:

Monet: Meadow with Poplars, 1875 - a syllabus book from Inglis Academy
Monet: Meadow with Poplars, 1875.