Art for the genuinely curious

Are you ready to challenge yourself?

Are you excited about exploring your artistic aptitudes?

My Gallery Quality Painting regular clients know this is "big-picture art education".

We cover everything from exactly how to hold a brush, to Piaget's theory of cognitive development, and a whole lot more drawing on my half-century experience as a professional performer, author, artist and composer.

1 - Idea
An idea

How to hold a brush
Just one way to hold a brush

So, this is not art for the complacent or the smug. You will be challenged. You will surprise yourself!

I will show you:

  1. How creative you already are (a lot).
  2. How much you already know about style.

It takes about four hours for me to prove that to you.

And in the process you will plan and execute a great painting. From scratch. No tracing. No drawing on the canvas. Actually painting in a small and focussed group, discussing the one subject.

Student's Monet Student's Monet

This is how the masters learned. Give it a go!

Student's Monet