Sit up straight and smile!

Check out the variety of smiles on these student's faces.

Monet: Japanese bridge no.2, 1899 - student paintings
Photo by Ingrid Galloway Candle Lady | Spa Therapist | Relationship Coach

We are psycho-physical creatures. Our mind and body are in a constant dance, mediated by chemicals and electrical impulses.

We are also social creatures, which is why I assess all new students and only those who have a positive attitude are invited back.

In the induction process I ask each student to list the physical education they have had. As well as being fundamental to the technique of painting, your use of the body has an immediate impact on your emotions and your clarity of thought.


That's why I often ask students to sit up straight!

Personally, I start each day by smiling into the mirror. As well as getting you in a good mood, it exercises the facial muscles and keeps you looking younger (I look pretty good for a 96 year old...).

At this point in a lecture on his book 12 Rules for Life, an Antidote for Chaos, Jordan Peterson talks about the relationship between posture and happiness, which was wired into our nervous system 350 million years ago.

See you soon, sitting up straight and painting with a smile!