Peter Inglis - Creating Music and Art in Kununurra

Peter Inglis – Creating Music and Art in Kununurra, Western Australia.

From an article in the Kimberly Echo, May 2014.

Renowned Classical Guitarist Peter Inglis believes anybody can play music, and play it well. He shares his knowledge in his new book "Guitar Playing and how it Works".

"Once you have the right information you just need to add patience and persistence".

The master of guitar performs this Friday the 16th of May at the Zebra Rock Gallery and Café with his show titled "Baroque to Rock". Peter is a performer of jazz and classical guitar, and a leader of Chamber music ensembles. He is a featured performer at the Art Gallery of NSW and the Sydney Opera House. "Baroque to Rock" is a compilation of pieces ranging from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons to favourite Spanish pieces and including ten all time favourite Jazz tunes, played in Classical Style.

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Be In Balance - a review

A great introduction to the Alexander Technique.

The what??? ... I hear you say.

Alexander Technique (AT) is the secret weapon of the world's best opera singers, ballet dancers, musicians, and quite a few sportsmen as well. So there's a really good chance you've already seen it in action. It is a method which simply enables you to get the most out of your body, in any activity. I was fortunate enough to study it as a teenager, and it continues to be crucial to my work in musical and art.

The book is well illustrated and an easy read. Highly recommended as an introduction to this powerful mind/body method.

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Review of 'You Can be a Musician: A Defense of Music'

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Ms. Hiner has developed a method of training young people (as young as 2 years of age!) to read music on the keyboard. This is a great achievement and I wish her every success with it. As a description of her method, and how she arrived at it I would rate it 5 stars. Because I was expecting something more general about music education I can only give it 3 stars.

I feel that a more accurate description of the book would be very helpful to customers.

You Can be a Musician: A Defense of Music: The Problems with Music Lessons Today, and How We Can Fix Them
You Can be a Musician: A Defense of Music: The Problems with Music Lessons Today, and How We Can Fix Them by Hellene Hiner

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Clash of the titans!

My colleague and friend Ian Cooper had the great fortune recently to perform in San Francisco with classical guitar legend George Sakellariou.

Ian Cooper (violin) and George Sakellariou (guitar).

Here is George playing Bach's organ Toccatta in D minor:

George Sakellariou began playing the guitar at an early age in Athens, Greece. His first teacher was his brother, a talented composer of popular music. Sakellariou received his formal training from the Conservatory of Music in Athens. After graduating with honors, he was invited to further his studies with the renowned guitarist Segovia when the great master heard him play.

Asian Zombie Tattoo Art

I had the pleasure recently of creating some tattoo art for a client, a young french gentleman named Bastien.

The brief was Asian Beauty / Zombie / Masque.

The challenge was to create a 3-dimensional mask effect suitable for the tatto artist to recreate later.

creating tattoo art
A preliminary sketch

creating tattoo art
First design

creating tattoo art
Second design

creating tattoo art
The tattoo in place.