Monet: Woman Reading, 1872: Student paintings

Student paintings

These student paintings demonstrate yet again how much knowledge of style a passionate art lover has locked up - my teaching methods merely unleash what is within!

Monet: Woman Reading, 1872 \\O// Student paintings completed at Inglis Academy -
Student interpretations of Monet: Woman Reading, 1872 completed in one session at Inglis Academy, November 2020.

Well done to all! The new 5 hour session gave everybody ample time to work on their details and textures.

Cynthia makes friends with Monet

During the pandemic crisis of 2020 Cynthia continued her investigation of Monet and Friends at home, with very impressive results!

Cynthia's Monet paintings \\o// Enjoy the painting coaching at Inglis Academy -

April 2020

Cynthia's Renoir painting \\o// Enjoy the painting coaching at Inglis Academy -
" My work for this week. After 4 struggling nights, I finally finished it. DIfferent than the original since I have no idea how to deal with one type of flower in the original version. Also, the leaves are tricky. "
Renoir: Roses & Jasmine in a Delft Vase, 1890

George Madarasz

" This is my mate Peter Inglis- something of a genius. His Monets seem to me to be as good as Monet's. More amazingly, he can teach you to paint a repectable Monet or Renoir or Van Gogh in just a few hours, even if you have never painted before.

Hard to believe, but I've seen his students' work.

He'll throw in a quick history of western civilisation as well. A truly enriching cultural experience.

Check it out. "

George Madarasz.

This video gives you a close up look at some of Peter Inglis' Monet interpretations which we study in class, along with detailed course material, large video displays, intensive coaching and live painting demos.

Click here to see the video at YouTube

Monet Mosaic

Monet mosaic created by Helen, after attending several classes at Inglis Academy.

After attending several classes at Inglis Academy, and learning Peter’s method, I was inspired to translate the brushwork into a glass on glass mosaic of Monet’s Japanese bridge.

The techniques we learned of analysing an impressionist painting - looking at tone, perspective, composition and palette- enabled me to reproduce the work in another medium. I’ve found this method to be very helpful, and transferable to other art forms.

Helen B.
Sydney, 2020

Helen transferred her new art literacy skills from the medium of acrylic painting to mosaic, and produced this amazing Monet! This is exactly the sort of outcome that Inglis Academy is oriented towards. Well done!
Peter Inglis