On cloud nine!

I started taking classes with Pete late last year, basically just to try and balance my left and right brain, and get some space from work-stress.

I had no expectation of actually painting anything worthwhile.

Last night I finished my 5th painting, and I am still on cloud 9! I’ve signed it, showed it to everyone who will look, and plastered it over Facebook.

Lindsay's painting

Massive thank you Pete!! You know how amazing you are!!

For anyone (like me) a bit too pedantic with details, and driven by perfection, Pete’s method of painting, and of teaching, really took the pressure off to let me just enjoy what I was doing.

Each lesson he demonstrates and explains the benefit of using different techniques; very patiently.

Lindsay's painting

Best thing about the classes though is how good I feel afterwards – it’s like a drug! ***

Lindsay's painting

*** That would be partly due to elevated seratonin levels induced by operating in a 'flow state'. Also, you have just increased your human potential in a visible and concrete fashion. The painting is a permanent record of your self growth. This is guaranteed to make a person happy!