Theory, structure and practice

Hi Peter,

Thanks for giving us a very informative and fun painting class. My friend and I had a great time : < )

I find it very helpful to go through a little bit background/history and I like the way you combined both theory/structure and practice in the session.

Also it turned out to be much easier to finish the painting in four hours with your step by step instructions.

The size of the class is just right - we each got specific advice for ourselves and meanwhile we got the chance to see different perspectives each individual had for the same thing.

Overall, it's an extremely fun experience which went beyond my initial expectation. Thank you very much by putting together everything to make it happen!


Sharon's painting of Monet: Summer (Meadow at Bezons), 1874, completed in one coaching session at Inglis Academy, Sydney.

Art Jedi

An educator, mentor and all round great bloke. Peter has broken down the stuffy, elitist barriers of and demystified, the art world.

Now anyone can experience, appreciate and meaningfully immerse themselves in colour on canvas.

In other parts of the Galaxy, far, far away, Peter might otherwise be known as a Jedi.

Cheers, Doug Sun, Sydney NSW. (5 star Google review)


The class was excellent and your teaching was top notch!

I was very inspired by your varied talents and interests, where it's hard to meet people like that these days!


Thanks Peter! You are an very inspiring teacher. Im truly grateful today.

An honour

It was indeed an honour meeting you and having been taught by you!