Therese's Monet Haystack painting

Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889 - an student painting completed in one lesson at Inglis Academy
Therese's first interpretation of Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889.

Dear Peter,

Thank you for a wonderful lesson on Saturday.

I learnt how to apply Impasto to thicken up the paint and Surface Tension Breaker to make it thinner and apply glazes.

Looking at things as dark and light tones gave a new aspect which was really helpful.

I learnt about changing things where I had made mistakes and ultimately to appreciate what I had produced.

A great day!



" Peter, your method of coaching is unsurpassed.

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880

Your coaching session on Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880, gave me the confidence to paint my own interpretation of what I see. "

Thanks again.

Maria A.
September 2018

Best Art Teacher in the World

Dear Peter

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to you for the lesson yesterday.

Painting is my hobby. I am an avid painter and I was initially sceptical on whether your lessons would be of any use to me.

However, your teaching method is so unique and I have learnt new techniques in every single class.

What I valued most that your lesson gives (which other art classes do not) is that it helps to improve self-confidence. I now apply your technique to my paintings and the quality of my paintings have improved tremendously from just a few lessons.

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