Feeling really good and relaxed after painting

I had a great time in your class yesterday. Since last time I painted Van Gogh: Sunflower, Stary Night is a little bit more difficult and need a lots of skills to get it better.

My painting still need more details but I didn't have time to finish.

But I think my skills have been improved since last time. I was feeling really good and relaxed after painting.

Painting bring more attention and concentrated to me to put the other fiddly things away for time being. I still have other two sessions, which will be shared with my friend again.

I will talk to her which Master's painting we will do next. I prefer choosing Van Gogh again to improve "the line skills".

Thank you so much.

It's great to have you as our art teacher!

Really enjoyed it

Thanks for the painting workshop yesterday.

It was fun & I really enjoyed it.

Loved your approach to the arts & life in general

Thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon. Learnt so much.

Just hope I can retain all the info.

Enjoyed the beautiful music too. I loved your approach to the arts & life in general.

Very refreshing in this mad, chaotic world.

You are incredible!

Thank you very much for the lesson!

You are incredible!

I like how you link classical music with painting.

I have learnt a lot during these 4 hours, such as the color, the technique, history, and even statistics!

We are definitely coming back for another masterpiece.