Therese's Monet Haystack painting

Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889 - an student painting completed in one lesson at Inglis Academy
Therese's first interpretation of Monet: Haystacks: White Frost, sunrise, 1889.

Dear Peter,

Thank you for a wonderful lesson on Saturday.

I learnt how to apply Impasto to thicken up the paint and Surface Tension Breaker to make it thinner and apply glazes.

Looking at things as dark and light tones gave a new aspect which was really helpful.

I learnt about changing things where I had made mistakes and ultimately to appreciate what I had produced.

A great day!



" Peter, your method of coaching is unsurpassed.

Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880

Your coaching session on Renoir: Bouquet of Roses, 1880, gave me the confidence to paint my own interpretation of what I see. "

Thanks again.

Maria A.
September 2018

Best Art Teacher in the World

Dear Peter

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU to you for the lesson yesterday.

Painting is my hobby. I am an avid painter and I was initially sceptical on whether your lessons would be of any use to me.

However, your teaching method is so unique and I have learnt new techniques in every single class.

What I valued most that your lesson gives (which other art classes do not) is that it helps to improve self-confidence. I now apply your technique to my paintings and the quality of my paintings have improved tremendously from just a few lessons.

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" The experience was exceptional! The class was small, 4 people, so you really got the chance to ask questions, learn and be assisted.

The atmosphere was really nice and comfortable. I feel confident and comfortable with painting!

I would recommend this to anyone who is interested in painting. "
- Lala, August 2018

Creative Problem Solving

" This was such a great experience. It exceeded my expectations. It pushed me out of my comfort zone to really do 'creative problem solving' while having fun. Thanks to Peter for making it happen! Highly recommended. "
- Rowena