Interesting and insightful!

" It was a delightful experience. You were interesting and insightful.

The music and your commentary meant that time stood still as the group were totally absorbed in the moment.

The outcome was a triumph for your tuition, your encouragement and of course the "process". "

- Liam, 2017.

Michelle's Monet's Waterlilies No.1, 1916

Michelle is the happy owner and the creator of this interpretation of Monet's Waterlilies No.1, 1916.

Michelle H's Monet's Waterlilies No.1, 1916.

Having participated in six masterwork painting sessions Michelle felt ready to tackle a larger work. She had previously painted this piece in a regular session, and so was already familiar with the subject.

To complete this large version required 8 hours of private one-one-one coaching.

Carolin's first Monet

"The experience of this class went way above my expectations. I enjoyed myself immensely, to the point where for four hours, I was totally immersed in the workshop and thought of nothing else. When else does that ever happen?"

Monet's Meadow with Poplars, as painted by Carolin in her first lesson at Inglis Academy.
Monet's Meadow with Poplars, as painted by Carolin in her first lesson at Inglis Academy.

"What a great way to fill the big empty walls in my house, for which I haven’t found anything I like and can actually afford : < )."

"My family and friends are so impressed with my Monet painting – it’s been very flattering to hear all their compliments."

"I feel very humbled that I created something worthy of displaying in my home. I can’t wait to do another painting! Ten out of ten!"

Carolin W.

It's great to have you as our art teacher!

I had a very great experience on my first painting class! Nikki did as well! I couldn't believe I painted Van Gogh's Sunflowers! I showed my work to my family and they all made their compliments on that. I was so flattered.

Thank you so much for your well-organised arrangement and all the details you taught and showed us!

Grace and other students with their first version of Van Gogh's Sunflowers No.1, completed in one session at Inglis Academy.

I had a great time in your class yesterday.

Since last time I painted Van Gogh: Sunflower, Starry Night is a little bit more difficult and need a lots of skills to get it better. My painting still need more details but I didn't have time to finish. But I think my skills have been improved since last time.

I was feeling really good and relaxed after painting. Painting bring more attention and concentrated to me to put the other fiddly things away for time being.

Thank you so much. It's great to have you as our art teacher!

Kind regards,