How can we make art out of this?

"Peter presented (us) with a bland looking vase and a shiny pear. At first I wondered how can we create any art out of it."

"Have a look at the actual objects and you would know what I mean. But I ended up putting a whole spectrum of colors on the canvas.

Believe it or not I have used only Red, Blue, Yellow and White. All other colors created by mixing these four colors. I learned that It is not a must that the colors need to be blended properly and smoothly. They will always blend inside your head."

Nimmi D. 2014

Nicole M, (School Teacher)

" I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Pete. I have always enjoyed experimenting with different mediums but have never taken Art lessons before. I have enjoyed learning a range of techniques from the Painting Course 1.

Still Life painted by Nicole at Inglis Academy.

Peter has helped build my confidence to attempt things I thought were too difficult, such as portraiture.

Learn, paint and have fun at the same time

The lessons are structured in a very relaxed way as you can work at your own pace and there are no expectations or pressure. You learn, paint and have fun at the same time and Peter has taught me so much in such a little time.

Still Life painted by Nicole at Inglis Academy.

The greatest thing is you always go away with your very own piece of Art! I've also acquired techniques that I can now share with my students. "

Nicole Morin
Primary School Teacher