Michelle's repertoire

Michelle is developing quite the art repertoire!

As you know, we develop our painting skills at Inglis Academy by acquiring a repertoire (body of work), and we add one piece to that repertoire every session. There are not many places where you can do that!

Michelle's paintings in her home.
Michelle's paintings in her home.

Mt Wilson: the path at Bebeah Gardens
Michelle's Renoir

Mt Wilson: the path at Bebeah Gardens
Michelle's large scale Monet waterlilies, completed in a series of private coaching sessions.

Renoir's Roses

What a great result from the Renoir Roses class!

Mt Wilson: the path at Bebeah Gardens

Bear in mind that Coco and Michelle are regular students. They have developed their repertoire at Inglis Academy. So they are very familiar with the Chevreaux Colour System and have quite a good grasp of the Monet brush techniques.

With that experience they were able to take up the filbert brush and apply it to various strokes used in floral painting, producing their wonderful Renoirs in just one session.

Great job!

Richard's repertoire

Richard has been working on his repertoire!

Richard's Van Gogh repertoire.

After one lesson (Starry Night) Richard went and painted two more Van Gogh, using the techniques he had just learned. Bravo!

In his next lesson Richard painted Monet: Meadow with Poplars, 1875, to which I commented that it "looked rather Van Gogh". And that is totally good.

Richard's first Monet.

Richard is developing his art literacy by working from the known, and via repertoire. Learning by doing. Again, bravo!